Private forestlands in Western and Eastern Oregon

The most recent rulemaking process was focused only on private forestlands in Western Oregon.  The following illustrations show private forestland ownership in Western Oregon relative to other types of land ownership and the proportion of land that Western private forested lands encompass relative to entire State.  Private forestlands are managed either by industrial private management or smaller family forestry operations.

Source: EPA, Corvallis, 2015.


OSPC wants the Board of Forestry to update the forest practices rules to protect streams from logging impacts in Eastern Oregon, but no effectiveness monitoring resources have been dedicated to eastern Oregon as of 2018.  While there are far more private forestland acres in western Oregon, private timber owners do control a large proportion of numerous watersheds in the Blue Mountains region as this map illustrates.  OSPC is now working to identify and describe which watersheds and aquatic resources are most vulnerable to industrial logging impacts in the Blue Mountains region.

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