Take Action: Send a letter to Governor Brown through Oregon Wild and ask for Oregon’s Forest Practices to be reformed

Oregon Wild, a member of the Oregon Stream Protection Coalition, has drafted a petition calling for the reform of Oregon’s forest practices.

The following is a blurb from Oregon Wild’s request for the public to take action:

It’s time to reform Oregon’s harmful logging practices!

For too long, Oregonians have tolerated shameful logging practices in our forests:  clearcuts that are too big and too close together; stream habitat made too hot and muddy for fish; logging-induced landslides; water supplies rendered too dirty for communities to drink without expensive treatment; and people poisoned by aerial spraying of dangerous chemicals. Logging corporations have undue  influence on the regulatory process in Oregon, leaving state agencies incapable of enacting the science-based policy changes required to protect human safety and the public’s natural resources.

Something has to change.

Sign the letter to Governor Kate Brown.