Take Action: Contact the Board of Forestry to ask for Stronger Water Quality Protections

Sweet Creek, Siuslaw River Basin, Lane County
Sweet Creek, Siuslaw River Basin, Lane County

The following are contact email addresses to get in touch with members of the Board of Forestry, the Board Administrator, and the State Forester and tell them that you support stronger protections for Oregon’s streams, fish, and water quality:

Board Administrator, Tara Sell:  Tara.L.Sell@oregon.gov

State Forester Doug Decker: Doug.S.DECKER@oregon.gov
(“Secretary to the Board”)

Board of Forestry Members:

Chairman of the Board, Tom Imeson:  tom.imeson@nwnatural.com
Sybil Ackerman-Munson:  sybilbof@gmail.com
Cindy Williams:  cdwill656@gmail.com
Tom Insko, Boise Cascade:  tominsko@bc.com
Gary Springer, Starker Forest Products:  springer@starkerforests.com
Mike Rose:  mrose@iamaw.org
Nils D. Christoffersen:  nils@wallowaresources.com