December 2014 Meeting

Following is the draft agenda from the Riparian Rules Analysis Stakeholder team meeting of December 17, 2014.

Draft Agenda


  • Develop understanding of stakeholder position on necessary BMPs / rules to meet the PCW criterion on small and medium fish streams on forestland.
  • Develop understand of current thinking on developing a state position on geographic regions and stream extent to which prescriptions will apply, including perceived challenges, e.g., limit of scientific information, etc.
  1. Discuss recommendation on streams to which the new rule would apply.
  • Geographic Regions
  • Salmon, Steelhead, Bull Trout Stream (SSBT) segments – definitions
    • Nexus with ODFW Current and Historic fish distribution
    • Challenges with upstream reach extent
    • State (ODF, DEQ, ODFW) discussion of how the fish distribution maps can be used and how the decision on where the rule applies (PCW/non PCW break) will be determined
  1. Review of the recent model results, ongoing development, and implications for developing prescription elements and presenting results to the board.
  • Recent modeling efforts and reasons for continued development of the model.  Model results and next steps.
  • Approaches to presenting information to the Board of Forestry.
  1. Elements of voluntary vs. regulatory prescriptions
  • How will potential efficacy of voluntary prescriptions be evaluated/demonstrated in the decision process?
  1. Discussion of approaches beyond just meeting the PCW criterion.
  • Are there different approaches to improving riparian protection of forestland?  For example, solutions that would address large wood, solutions that are mix of regulatory and incentive-based approaches, etc.
  1. Review Rulemaking Decision Timeline, Board meeting dates, key points for public input

Several power point presentations were given at the meeting.  Click on the following links to download the presentations:

Geographic Regions

RipStream Model Function

Miscellaneous Slides

Challenges regarding defining stream extent rule applicability

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