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April 24, 2019
Tillamook Headlight Herald
Fishing, Conservation Groups Want Logging Rules to Protect Coho

April 24, 2019
David Steves, OPB
Increased Protections Sought for Coho Salmon in Oregon Coastal Rivers

September 15, 2018
Sharon Lerner, The Intercept
How a Ragtag Group of Oregon Locals Took on the Biggest Chemical Companies  in the World – And Won

September 7, 2018
Emily Green, Street Roots
Cut and run dry: Do Oregon tax laws favor the timber industry?
(Is Oregon’s Timber Industry paying its  fair share in taxes?  Many Oregon Stream Protection Coalition members don’t think so.) 

March 2, 2018
Jonathan Major, Guest Opinion
Mail Tribune
Protect Southern Oregon streams

October 26, 2017
Carl Segerstrom, Eugene Weekly
Throwing Shade, or Not: Oregon missing out on EPA funds for clean water programs

September 24, 2107
Mary Scurlock, Guest Opinion
The Bulletin
Streams pay a price for forest roads

July 25, 2017
Stacey Detwiler and Mary Scurlock, Guest Columnists
The Oregonian
New logging rule allows continued harm to streams

February 21, 2017
Stephanie Haugen, News Times
State forests to tighten logging rules near streams

December 16, 2016
Jes Burns, OPB and Liam Moriarty, Jefferson Public Radio
Oregon’s updated streamside logging rules get a chilly response

November 18, 2016
Edward Stratton
The Daily Astorian
Potential stream rules cause a ripple
[Clarification by Mary  Scurlock: at least  12 scientists from Oregon State University support buffers that would encompass the 100-year floodplain of fishbearing streams, not buffers of a specific numerical width.]

November 11, 2016
Jes Burns
Proposed  logging rule change aims to protect cold water for fish

November 1, 2016
Emily Hoard
News Review
Department of Forestry proposes rule changes for stream buffers to protect fish

October 26, 2016
The Register Guard
Forestry board member wants to expand Oregon’s streamside no-logging buffers

March 11, 2016
Kelly House
The Oregonian
Oregon fined $1.2 M for failing to address coastal pollution

February 17, 2016
Helen Caswell
Salem Weekly News
Forest for the trees -CRISIS in Oregon’s privately-owned timberlands

January 25, 2016
Mark Freeman
Mail Tribune
Wider stream buffers sought for southwest Oregon:
New rules calling for wider stream buffers in Western Oregon exempted the Siskiyou Region

December 15, 2015
Paul Koberstein
The Portland Tribune
Speaking up for the salmon

November 7, 2015
Cassandra Profita, OPB/EarthFix
Logging limits added along streams in Oregon

November 6, 2015
The Associated Press, published in multiple papers including the Washington Times
Board of Forestry boosts no-logging buffers along streams

September 26, 2015
AP, as published on the OPB website
Oregon considers new proposals for limiting logging near streams

September 9, 2015
Ben DeJarnette, Willamette Week
Logrolling: The timber industry is mighty in Oregon – thanks to tax dollars it spends on ads
A story about the Oregon Forest Resources Institute

July 23, 2015
Jeff Barnard, Associated Press
Published in the  Oregonian
Oregon Board delays ruling on logging buffers to cool streams

July 14, 2015
Editorial, The Chinook Observer
Hotter water threatens future salmon fisheries: We must continue developing quick and adaptive responses

July 13, 2015
Tim Palmer, Guest Opinion
Forest Practices Act can (but doesn’t) do the job

July 11. 2015
Henry Miller, Statesman Journal
Drought, hot weather put strains on fish, agencies 

June 23, 2015
Chris Frissell and Mary Scurlock, The Register Guard
Guest Viewpoint
Strengthen forestry rules to protect out streams

May 22, 2015
Rob Davis, The Oregonian/OregonLive
Whistleblower videos reveal helicopter spraying workers with weed killers

May 12, 2015
Liam Moriarty, Jefferson Public Radio
Bigger Buffers for Fish?: Family Foresters Nervously Eye Possible New Logging Rules

March 16, 2015
Rob Davis, The Oregonian/OregonLive
Legislature begins negotiating weed killer spray reforms

January 30, 2015
Jeff Barnard, AP
As published in the Statesman Journal
Regulators: Oregon logging rules don’t protect fish, clean water
(Article discussing federal decision to disapprove Oregon’s coastal pollution plan because of Oregon’s inadequate forest practice protections including insufficient protection of medium and small fish-bearing streams and non fish-bearing streams, failure to reduce pollution from forest roads and logging on landslide-prone areas, and insufficient protection of waterways from pesticide use.)
This AP story also ran in the Daily AstorianWashington Times, News-Register, and Columbian,  to name a few.

January 30, 2015
Kelly House, The Oregonian/OregonLive
Feds reject Oregon’s coastal pollution plan, could impose financial sanctions

January 9, 2015
Molly Harbarger, The Oregonian/OregonLive
Environmentalists, Portland-area lawmakers take aim at timber industry in 2015 legislative session
(Article discussing push for limits on aerial spraying of pesticides and complaint by the Center for the Sustainable Economy, not the specific goals of the Oregon Stream Protection Coalition.)

December 18, 2014
Jeff Barnard, The Associated Press
Published in U.S. News & World Report (and other news outlets)
Group challenges ‘green’ certification for Plum Creek, 1 of nation’s biggest timber producers
(This article is about an Oregon-based group, The Center for for Sustainable Economy, not the Oregon Stream Protection Coalition.  According to the group, “[i]n the past six years, Plum Creek has received 11 civil penalties from the Oregon Department of Forestry for violations related to clearcut size, logging in riparian zones, and improper notifications of impending logging operations.” (from their website))

December 11, 2014
Tim Palmer, Guest Viewpoint
The Register-Guard
Oregon rivers need modern forestry rules
(Tim Palmer of Port Orford ( is the author of “Field Guide to Oregon Rivers,” “Rivers of America” and other books.)

October 23, 2014
Rob Davis, The Oregonian
In Oregon, helicopters spray weed killers near people under West Coast’s weakest protections
(discussing herbicides used in forestry operations: “The Oregonian reviewed regulations in four states and found Oregon stacks the deck in favor of the timber industry.”)

October 21, 2014
Rob Davis, The Oregonian
Oregon agencies blew off complaints, red flags before helicopter sprayed weed killer on residents
(This article addresses herbicide contamination of Oregon drinking water streams, but not specifically the rulemaking related to protecting cold water.)

September 4, 2014
Associated Press
Covered in The Seattle Times
Oregon forestry board moves to protect cool water
Also published in Capital Press

September 2, 2014
Jeff Barnard, The Associated Press
Oregon forestry board may increase tree buffers along salmon streams, first time since 1994 (Oregonian story)
Other media coverage of this AP story:  The Bulletin (Bend), The Columbian (Vancouver), Herald and News (Klamath Falls).

Rob Davis, The Oregonian
Oregon could lose millions for coastal streams as feds target logging pollution

January 6, 2012
OPB News
Forestry Board: State Should Boost Logging Rules On Streams

September 21, 2011
Eric Mortenson, The Oregonian 
Oregonian article on RipStream Study finding stream temperature impacts on private lands under Oregon’s rules
Study of logging’s impact on Oregon streams shows no water temperature increase on state forest lands, slight increase on private timber

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