Materials presented at the June 3 Board of Forestry Meeting

On June 3, 2015, the Board of Forestry held a meeting during which the Board discussed the development of riparian rule prescriptions.

The Oregon Stream Protection Coalition presented the following materials to the Board:

1) Testimony to the Board by Mary Scurlock.  OSPC Testimony 

Attachments to Mary Scurlock’s testimony included:

a) A discussion of applying prescriptions to only Salmon and Steelhead bearing streams: fish bearing streams

b) A discussion of the economic values of protecting riparian forested areas: Carbon Values for Riparian Buffers

c) a summary of the differences between stream protection protections in Oregon, Washington, and California: state stream protection comparison

2) Testimony by Dr. Chris Frissell: Dr. Frissell’s testimony explained why a conservative coldwater protective standard applied to all streams (whether fish or nonfish-bearing) that contribute to salmon, steelhead, and bulltrout habitat will be necessary to assure compliance with the protecting cold water criterion.  Dr. Frissell provided criticism and evaluation of the Oregon Department of Forestry’s report, analysis, and summaries regarding the temperature effects of various proposed streamside logging prescriptions,

3) Statement of Chris Mendoza: Riparian and aquatic ecologist Chris Mendoza submitted a statement questioning Oregon Department of Forestry’s large wood recruitment modeling and claims about the large wood recruitment rate that will occur with a 100 foot no cut riparian management zone.