1- List of Oregon TMDLs Approved by EPA

2-TMDL Spreadsheet–Feb 2017 database of temperature impaired streams  

3- Oregon  TMDL  Status  Map

4- TMDL for the Applegated(Rogue) watershed

5- TMDL for Bear Creek (Rogue) watershed 

6- TMDL for the Clackamas Basin (Willamette) 

7- TMDL for the Lobster Creek (Rogue) watershed 

8-  TMDL for the Lower Sucker Creek (Rogue) watershed

9- TMDL for the McKenzie River (Willamette) 

10- TMDL for the Western Hood Watershed (Mid-Columbia) (Part 1) 

Part 2 – TMDL for the Western Hood Watershed (Mid Columbia) x

11-  TMDL for the Middle Willamette (Willamette) 

12- TMDL for the Rogue

13-  TMDL for the S Santiam (Willamette)

14- TMDL for the Sandy River basin

15- TMDL for the Umpqua basin (part 1) 

15- TMDL for the Umpua basin (part 2)

16- TMDL for the Upper South Fork Coquille watershed

17-  TMDL for the Coast Fork Willammete Subbasin 

18-  TMDL for the Middle Fork Willamette Subbasin

19 – TMDL for the Upper Willamette (Part 1) 

19 – TMDL for the Upper Willamette (Part 2) 

20- TMDL for the Lower Willamette

21- TMDL for the N Santiam (Willamette)

22- TMDL for the North Coast 

23- Frissell, C., Scurlock, M. Wright, B. The Western Oregon Paired Watershed Studies: Initial Results, Limitations (August 24, 2014) ris

24- McCullough, D.A. “Critique and Observations on Evaluation of ODF Proposal for Changes in the Riparain Rules under the Forest Practices Act.”

25- NOAA Fisheries, 2016. Oregon Coastal Coho Recovery Plan.

26- Berger C., S. Wells &  A. McCulla.  2009.  The Impact of Idaho Power Company’s Proposed Temperature Mitigation Projects on Temperatures in the Boise River and Snake River.

28- Comments of Ernie Niemi on Riparian rules. Feb. 8, 2017.

29- Oregon Department of Forestry. 2015. Riparian Rule Analysis: Methods for evaluating prescriptions and their geographic extent.

30- Oregon Department of Forestry. 2015. Riparian Rules Analysis: Analysis of riparian prescriptions and expected changes in restrictions.

31- Oregon Department of Forestry. 2015. Detailed Analysis Predicted Temperature Change Results.

32- Oregon Department of Forestry, 2016. “Riparian Rule Analysis: Additional analyses of riparian prescriptions and considerations for Board decisions.”

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